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Biome Secret Vanilla Bulk Pack

Superfood Weight Loss Shake


10 Reasons to Choose Biome Secret Superfood Weight Loss Shakes

10 Reasons to Choose Biome Secret Superfood Weight Loss Shakes

Find out what sets Biome Secret Superfood Weight Loss Shakes apart, and why people love it.

  1. It helps to lose weight

Biome Secret simplifies weight loss with its perfectly portioned superfood shakes, each containing 400 calories. Packed with 42 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber per serving, it curbs snacking and cravings. With Biome Secret Superfood Weight Loss Shakes, you're getting slow-release carbohydrates that keep you satisfied longer, without any sugar, gluten, or other additives that can lead to weight gain. Fully plant-based, it includes all 27 essential vitamins & minerals, enriched with bladderwrack, kelp, and vitamin B12 to boost your metabolism. For those with little time to cook, Biome Secret delivers a nutritious, balanced meal in a shake, ready in under a minute.

  1. It helps to reduce bloating & relieve constipation

Biome Secret Superfood Shakes contains special enzymes that break down food, making you feel less bloated. It also has pre and probiotics to improve gut health, helping you absorb nutrients better and reduce digestive issues. The shake includes an enzyme blend with protease, lactase, lipase, cellulase, and amylase, as well as potato starch, xanthan gum, oat fiber, kelp, channelled wrack, and Bifidobacterium Longum. These ingredients work together to decrease bloating, relieve constipation, and improve your gut health.

  1. It Contains No Nonsense

Biome Secret is made with only the best, clean calories. It's free from gluten, GMOs, lactose, nuts, soy, hormones, added sugars, and trans fats, making it a top choice for clean eating. We've picked every ingredient carefully, so you know you're giving your body only what it needs—nothing extra, just healthy stuff.

  1. It Supercharges Your Body with 27 Vitamins & Minerals

Biome Secret Superfood Shakes contain 91% of daily vitamins in just one serving.

Each serving of Biome Secret Superfood Weight Loss Shakes contain:

  • B vitamins like Thiamin (90% of daily value), Riboflavin (110% of daily value), Niacin (100% of daily value), Vitamin B6 (80% of daily value), Folate (90% of daily value), Vitamin B12 (100% of daily value), Biotin (170% of daily value), and Pantothenic Acid (120% of daily value) that help you feel energized, think clearly, and keep your cells working smoothly.
  • Magnesium (90% of daily value) for muscles and nerves, Zinc (90% of daily value) for your immune system, Selenium (100% of daily value) to protect your cells, Copper (110% of daily value) and Manganese (90% of daily value) for metabolism, Chromium (110% of daily value) to help control blood sugar, Molybdenum (110% of daily value) for enzyme function, Chloride (35 % of daily value)f or digestion, and Choline (10% of daily value) for a healthy liver.
  • Vitamin D (25% of daily value), Calcium (60% of daily value), and Phosphorus (60% of daily value) to keep your bones and teeth strong.
  • Iron (80% of daily value) helps your blood, and Potassium (45% of daily value) keeps your muscles working right.
  • Vitamins A, C (90% of daily value), E (80% of daily value), and K (60% of daily value) boost your immune system, keep your skin healthy, and help with blood clotting.

  1. It Helps to Burn Fat, not Muscles

With 400 calories per serving, this shake gives you 21% of your daily fat intake and 80% of your daily protein needs, focusing on losing fat while keeping your muscle. The high protein content helps your body use fat instead of muscle for energy production.

  1. It Boosts Your Energy Levels & Increases Mental Performance

Say goodbye to the usual food-induced crashes and welcome sustained energy throughout your day with Biome Secret Superfood Shakes. This natural energy booster lets you even cut back on coffee while feeling light and comfortable in your gut after eating this Superfood Shake. Packed with nutrients like Iron, providing 80% of your daily value in just one shake, and Coconut MCT for quick energy, it also includes a full spectrum of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12) for efficient energy regulation. With Biome Secret, the post-lunch slump is a thing of the past; instead, you'll notice a boost in energy and mental sharpness, all thanks to these synergistic nutrients.

  1. It is full of taste, despite being very healthy

Biome Secret proves that healthy can be delicious, without tasting like gr (ass). Offering two delicious options: chocolate and vanilla-caramel allows you to have a delightful variety that can be alternated daily. The chocolate flavor has real cacao for a rich, creamy taste without any artificial aftertaste. The vanilla-caramel flavor is all natural, mixing the bold taste of caramel with a touch of vanilla for a creamier, slightly sweeter taste. Both are just the right amount of sweet and have a smooth texture, showing that what’s good for you can taste great too.

  1. It’s super easy & convenient to use

Biome Secret simplifies nutritious meals. Packaged in single portion packs, it avoids the mess of bulky packages and scoops, which makes it even more convenient. Simply pour water, add a single portion pack of Biome Secret, shake, and your meal is ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere — from a speedy breakfast to an easy lunch or dinner. Enjoy a nutritious meal in seconds. Ideal for busy people or those always on the move.

  1. It helps you save money

Biome Secret is a smart way to eat healthy and save money. For just $3.3 a meal, it's cheaper than a cup of coffee or fast food, and it's full of good stuff your body needs. Loaded with pre & probiotics, multivitamins, and essential nutrients that boost metabolism, support digestion, repair skin cells, enhance immune function, and strengthen muscles, it offers a comprehensive health boost in a single shake. This means you can save a considerable amount of money by not having to purchase all these supplements separately.  Incorporating the shake into one's daily routine is a smart move for those looking to improve their health and lose weight while being mindful of their budget.

  1. It Helps You Enjoy Social Dining Without Sacrifice

With Biome Secret Shakes, you don't have to miss out on eating out. By replacing one high calorie meal a day with this shake you can keep losing weight without having to give up social dining experiences. A lot of diets don't work well because they're too strict for restaurant meals, or you have to be really careful with what you pick from the menu. This can lead to missing out on dinners with friends or family, making dieting feel like a chore. But, with Biome Secret, you can still enjoy going out.